Over 2,000,000 man hours and 23 years without a lost time injury

Zero OSHA recordable injuries since 2009

EMR Recordable rate of 0.76 (Under 1.0 since 2004)

National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee Safety Award in Washington D.C. (1 of 27)

Annually awarded the SIBA Merit Safety Award since 2003

Merit Safety Awards presented by the Association of General Contractors

There is no project that is important enough or schedule driven that would force us to compromise the safety, health and well-being of our employees, subcontractors or clients. Our main objective is to complete our projects accident and injury free.

Leadership, training and communication are key components to our success and reaching those objectives. These core values are implemented by the following:

  • Provide our employees with a Comprehensive Safety Program.

    This program is continually updated and training is provided to all employees. Each employee, when hired is required to participate in a thorough new-hire safety orientation followed by frequent refresher sessions. This includes training in hazard recognition, providing a safe work environment free of known hazards, and a safe work plan that is developed prior to the start-up of all projects beginning at the estimator’s table.

  • Continuous communication of our expectations and commitment to safety.

    Our employees are required to attend a weekly toolbox discussion, safety stand-downs and daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The JSA is designed to define the scope of work, all tasks being performed, the hazards involved in those tasks, preventative measures to minimize or eliminate these hazards and the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to perform the tasks.

  • Provide safety recognition.

    Those individuals who lead by example and projects that excel in safety performance are rewarded and recognized through safety lunches, incentive awards, etc.

Safety Qualifications

Widman Construction is an approved contractor in the following safety evaluation sites: